Hello! My name is Chetna. I am a learner. I am a teacher. If this is going to be my last life, I am definitely making the most of it! Are you?

What if this was your last life?

My close friend and co-worker died on Jan 22nd 2017. She was just 27. For the past three years I had gotten to know her very well. We had our differences of course. I knew she had a lot of potential and I kept pushing her to do better and better, both in her professional and personal life. In the process, may be I just ended up pushing her away. And we both didn’t know that her life is going to be so short. We had assumed that we have all the time in the world to patch up our differences. Unfortunately we didn’t.

She was a beautiful dancer and an actor. She had practiced day and night with a choreographer early last year to shoot for her solo dance video. That never happened.

She wanted to see the USA, and had started saving for her visa and other travel expenses. She had a long list of friends, who would gladly sponsor her visit. At the last minute, the friend who was going to sponsor her, stepped back.

She had a very photogenic face and I told her many times, that I wish to see her on one of the large hoardings on the street, modeling for some well known brand. I didn’t understand what she was doing in IT, because she had no interest in pursuing a long term career. She talked about quitting the IT job in a couple of years and starting her own dance studio. I had assured her my support.

She loved the Indian actress Deepika Padukone. Every time she looked in the mirror, she wanted to look like her, slim and sexy. She went on a diet, started exercising sometimes, yoga to get the curves but couldn’t keep at it. Her health did not support her as much as she would have liked. Her imitation of the song ‘Kala Chasma’ was better than what Katrina did herself.

Today, she is no more. All her dreams are unfulfilled. All the things that she wished to do, are still un-done. But that is life. Unpredictable.

What if this was to happen to us tomorrow? We so conveniently take our every breath for granted as if we know they are unending. We take our health for granted, as if, no matter what we put in our bodies, there are not going to be any repercussions. We take our likes for granted, as if we have all the time in the world to pursue our dreams. We spend so much time living someone else’s dream, working hard for that paycheck, without realizing that we have added no value to ourselves as professionals, only done what we were told to do.

I think about all of this and more. I think about all the moments that pass, where I have not worked towards fulfilling my dreams, not worked towards making them a reality and fear living a life without reason, without purpose.

I dedicate this blog to my friend, whom I took for granted, whom I didn’t tell enough, how worthy she was and how loved she was and what a fantastic person she was and that she deserved to live a fulfilling long life. I pray that her next one is much better than this one.  

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  1. Pratigya Thakur says:

    I totally agree Chetna and by reading this I was interested for Deepika and I still can’t thank her at last for the help she has done in such a short span of time I had spend with her …
    I agree to u the way she danced mohe rang do Laal …. Her positive smile her pics … I hope I could meet her once before 22 nd Jan 2017 ….
    May her soul rest in peace… Will.miss u Deepika

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