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Take product pictures without spending a penny!

Being a start up entrepreneur is about saving money where ever possible. Now it is OK to get a professional photographer to take pictures of your products the first time but as you know, taking product pictures is a recurring activity and we are talking about shelling out thousands of rupees each time. Instead why not try this free concept for free 🙂

This is how my raw stock looked like before I took the pictures.


And this is how my photography table looked like during the photoshoot.

I had the cricket match going to keep myself entertained because this was going to be a many hours long project.

Now, If you notice, I have two white papers laid on my desk. They are not very long but depending on your product, you need a good size white paper to cover the desk and the backdrop. White is the maximum reflector of light and hence we use white paper.

I have two light sources, one CFL light about 3 ft about the TV and one CFL light right on the opposite wall, 10 fts away. When I tried taking pictures in the day, the window on the opposite site threw a bunch of sunlight and my posture was blocking the sunlight so there was a solid shadow on my pictures. So I had to take my pictures after sunset.

You can also put two light sources (white lights only) on the left and right side of your product. Place your product on the white paper and start clicking pictures. Make sure you click pictures from all the angles because your customers might want a better look from all the angles.

Once you have taken all the pictures, now its time to edit your pictures. I mostly use PowerPoint to edit my pictures instead of fancy tools like photoshop etc. It is just way easier to use and does its job pretty well. I have demonstrated how to edit your pictures on the video below.

And that’s about it. Isn’t it easy to save your budget on photography and use it may be for marketing your product. Hope you found the blog valuable. Subscribe below to receive more such content in email. Thanks !

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