Hello! My name is Chetna. I am a learner. I am a teacher. If this is going to be my last life, I am definitely making the most of it! Are you?

How I improved my communication skills?

People look at me and assume that I was born with good communication skills and settle with the thought that they are just not ‘blessed’ with it.

I want to debunk that myth and share with you my journey of how I started reading & writing back when I was just started college.

I was never a reader in school. My school had a library and it housed many books and none of those books inspired me or attracted me. May be it wasn’t the right time for me to form a relationship with books or may be I was always averse to fictional romantic books just as I am today. Personal choice, I guess.

One casual evening, back when I was in 11th grade, I was visiting my Uncle and his family, with my parents. He had been a teacher and an expert English translator for many years. I think those days he was translating my mother’s thesis work for her. That day I saw his book collection. One book I particularly got attracted to was ‘7 habits of highly effective people’. I brought it home and finished it cover to cover in two days. This time I had hit upon what I liked reading the most. Non fiction and self help section became my favourite sections in the book store.

Then came life. College, engineering, jobs took all my time and I lost touch with books. When you are at a rise, you don’t need many things. Life is working out for you. After an upward curve, came a downfall. I was alone, heartbroken and i needed to know ‘WHY ME?’.

I went to books again. Every weekend was spent at borders book store, self help section. From 9 to 5 pm I would just buy coffee sandwich and read books for free. Then I would buy some books to read at home. One book after the other, I would never want to stop reading.

The byproduct of that was in my professional life, I could speak English better, I could write my emails better.

I would write emails anticipating what the readers next thoughts and questions would be and answer them in the same email. This saved the readers time and the back and forth of emails.

My colleagues liked working with me because with the software bug that I had reported, I would also submit my investigations, pointing the developers directly to the part of code they needed to study and fix.

When you make reading a habit, somehow you also learn reading people’s minds and life becomes easier for you.

So yes, I have spent a lot of time reading and writing. And that’s why it’s become second nature to me.

If you spend time reading and writing everyday, talking to strangers and speaking in public, you would also become a pro at it. It would come naturally to you.

Holding yourself back is a choice that we make in every moment. Instead choose to put yourself out there in every single moment and see magic happen.

About Me
I am Chetna.

I am an author, an entrepreneur, an IT professional, a handbag designer, a dreamer, a motivator, a mentor, a facilitator and on the journey to be a lot more.

I have authored this blog to inspire visitors to lead a more goal oriented life. It is my desire, that just as I have discovered my course of life, I help others discover theirs.

It is my wish, that everyone lives a life of purpose, reason and work towards making all their desires a reality.
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