Hello! My name is Chetna. I am a learner. I am a teacher. If this is going to be my last life, I am definitely making the most of it! Are you?


  • April 6, 2015

    When I had just completed my Masters and an Internship, my classmates were busy taking software testing jobs as consultants. As freshers, they were responsible for executing test scripts provided one after the other. Of…

About Me
I am Chetna.

I am an author, an entrepreneur, an IT professional, a handbag designer, a dreamer, a motivator, a mentor, a facilitator and on the journey to be a lot more.

I have authored this blog to inspire visitors to lead a more goal oriented life. It is my desire, that just as I have discovered my course of life, I help others discover theirs.

It is my wish, that everyone lives a life of purpose, reason and work towards making all their desires a reality.
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