Hello! My name is Chetna. I am a learner. I am a teacher. If this is going to be my last life, I am definitely making the most of it! Are you?

Are you creating?

When I had just completed my Masters and an Internship, my classmates were busy taking software testing jobs as consultants. As freshers, they were responsible for executing test scripts provided one after the other. Of course, they were getting paid well. But when it came to me, I insisted on looking for a full time position and a full time responsibility. I was ready to compromise with the starting package that time because creating mattered to me more than taking someone else’s creation and running it.

This morning, in my sleep, I was asked, “Are you creating?”. Taking that gentle reminder, I am writing this post to remind myself, that after billions of years of evolution, my mind should only be doing one thing. “Create!”

So, what can we create?

Wealth?: Nothing wrong with that. In today’s age, when, making money is the need of the hour, when school fees are sky rocketing and you don’t want to settle with sending your children to public schools, or, giving yourself and your children the best gadgets gives you a high, wealth creation can be a start to creation. Some may call it a materialist creation but creation is creation anyways. Don’t get stuck up on wealth part and stop the creativity there.

Health?: To, continue the process of creativity, creating good health is a must. If you are physically and mentally healthy, you automatically boost the creation process. Being healthy itself is a process of creation. If you are eating well, thinking well, sleeping well, sweating yourself once a day [Preferably first thing in the morning], scientifically, you are increasing the generation of neurotransmitters like serotonin, thus driving away any feeling of inadequacy, fear, lack of confidence, anxiety and making you more adept in the process of creation. You will feel more self-assured, self reliant, upbeat, positive and happy. You will ooze confidence, your body will radiate a bizarrely positive energy, your smile will mesmerize many, your face will glow, you will feel joyful from within and others [even if they say nothing] will wonder what the secret of your freshness is.

Contentment?: Once in 2005, my friend Aman, took me to The Cheesecake Factory, on top of Macy’s in Union Square San Francisco. The waitress who served us, is the face I have n’t forgotten even after so many years. I remember leaving a note for her. The experience that she parted with was the most amazing experience dining at a restaurant. She was the most content, glowing face that I had seen in a long time. I felt so empty inside. I missed having that serenity that she was radiating. I desired that for my own. And that only comes with being content from within.

Many people will go shopping to find the few moments of contentment, merging the wealth and contentment part in this post. I request to keep them separate. Wealth is meant to give you a high. High is different from internal fulfillment.

Internal joy and contentment come from knowing yourself. In the rush of achieving life targets, we fail to notice our internal likes and dislikes. These are indicators of our internal acceptance. So, from now on, notice what makes you YOU. When you eat, notice, how the food tastes like. What food makes you happy, what food disturbs your system. Smell your surroundings. Notice, which smell inspired you and which one gave you a headache. Notice, what you did throughout the day that inspired you the most. Notice what or who triggered you, mentally. What made you angry, what made you sad, what made you happy. With all the judgments that the world could be showering on you, understand what makes you YOU. Accept this YOU and move on. People will envy you for being unapologetically YOU but you wouldn’t be bothered. You know your secret and you will stick to it no matter what. You own yourself and no one else.

Knowledge: Once you have sorted, your basic needs for creations which are health,wealth and contentment, which are creation in itself, and which have led you to believe that you are empowered to create, start the creation of your knowledge base. Your knowledge base would be unique to you. What you are reading, what you are absorbing, what you are thinking, what you are regenerating is unique to you and your area of expertise. What you create from that knowledge base would be your ownership. That something, that no one else can bring to the table.

Now, to come to that place of creating your own big creation, will need you to go past what has already been created. If you are just starting off, you will need to start with creating, minor stuff. The minor stuff will get you habituated to the process of creation leading to uncovering your USP.

But getting to work on that minor stuff will also need you to take initiatives. Initiatives like walking up to somebody asking for ‘that’ project, forgetting the calculation of how much you get paid and how much are you delivering, leaving the ego self at home, which constantly tell you that someone is getting paid more for doing less.

Touching lives: Once you have created that USP, which differentiates you from everyone else, go on touching other people, either showcasing your USP or helping them find their own USP. The more lives you touch, the more power your creativity gets. Continue the process of creation. Keep asking yourself, “what can I create?”, “What am I creating?”, “How can I help?”.

Remember, you emerged from the womb of creation, your purpose is to create.

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