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10 Simple Signs You Are Committed To Your Work!

Last few weeks, I have been busy delivering a very creative project. Hence, haven’t written much here. In that time I came to realize a few simple signs which clearly indicate whether you love your work or not.

  1. You are unconditional which means, whether you get appreciate or not, whether people like what you have contributed or not, it is your creation and no one can take it away from you.
  2. You can’t sleep properly. because you want to make sure that you are delivering on time and that the product of your creation is up to the mark, highest mark.
  3. You don’t hit the snooze button. Most of the time, you don’t need the alarm clock because your body clock is enough for you but even if you do, you wake up and get out of the bed as soon as it rings, as if you were waiting for it to ring.
  4. You make arrangements. To do the work that you love to do, you have made arrangements at home, for someone to take care of the daily chores because you don’t want to be distracted or waste any time doing things that don’t serve your personal purpose. Of course, when you don’t have help available, then you plan to do your chores so that your work time doesn’t get affected.
  5. You dream about your project. One you have trouble sleeping because you are constantly and involuntarily thinking about a problem you want to solve in your project, second, when you do fall asleep, you dream about new ideas that you can implement.
  6. No matter how much tea you have at home, the first coffee at work feels divine. You long to get to work and make your first cup of coffee which boosts you even more to open your laptop and kick some a$$ .
  7. You don’t remember to eat. But if you are like me and you have set times to eat, you have to work hard to unplug yourself and force yourself to eat lunch and long to come back to your seat.
  8. You look at your product of creation and smile. Whatever you have worked on, whatever your creations is, you look at it and it makes you smile, like you have done a wonderful job, irrespective of what others think about it. You are satisfied that you have delivered to the best of your ability.
  9. You don’t hesitate to ask for help. You have a vision of how the product is going to look like when it is complete and your goal is to make that vision a reality. In the process, if you get stuck on some issue that you cannot resolve, you do not hesitate to ask for help. Your goal is to reach the finish line and deliver a quality product. There is no room for ego there.
  10. You keep yourself healthy. Because you don’t want to interrupt that process of making the vision a reality. So you eat healthy, you go for a run, you weigh yourself regularly and if there are environmental issues that might get you sick, you use precautions like a hand sanitizer. haha!


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